We Don’t Believe in World Sleep Day but Here Are Our Best Sleep Hacks Anyway

Have trouble getting a good night’s rest? You most definitely aren’t alone.


On this unofficial holiday that is World Sleep Day, we’d like to tell you all to go home and go to bed early. Non-holidays like this are lame, but we figured a reminder to sleep more is always a good thing.

We likely don’t need to tell you that studies show sleep helps improve your fitness performance as well as your creativity and efficiency at work. But, if this makes you question how many hours of sleep you logged last night, we have the sleep hacks you need to get more hours. Whether you’re sleeping in a tent, your bed or traveling, here are the tips and tricks to help you quickly fall asleep, recover faster and spend more time in bed.

The One Thing Your Fitness Routine Is Missing? Sleep.

If you really want to see performance gains, get more fit and live better overall, the answer, according to experts, is better sleep.

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The 10 Best Sleep Accessories to Try in 2020

Not every sleep accessory will work for every person, but our list of some of the best around the web is a good place to start looking.

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This New Drink Is for Athletes Who Want to Sleep Better

Nuun's newest drink tablet, Rest, is designed for athletes to drink right before bed.

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Whoop Tracker Review: A Game-Changing Fitness Tracker

Finally, a tracker that actually gives you actionable advice. If only it told you the time.

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This Non-Essential Accessory Helps Me Sleep in the Woods

Some will criticise me for it, but I always bring a pillow with me camping. Here's why, along with my recommendations for some good ones.

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