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5 Questions with Teva About History, Inspiration and the Grand Canyon

We had the chance to talk to designers and brand directors at Teva about how the Grand Canyon inspired the brand’s innovative new collection.


This spring, Teva unveiled the GC100, a limited edition collection of footwear that pays tribute to the Grand Canyon through colors and motif, all in celebration of its 100-year anniversary as a National Park. But it’s about more than just footwear — Teva is also putting its money where its mouths is, literally, by pledging $100,000 in donations to the park. Half is going to the Grand Canyon Conservancy to help restore the canyon’s famous Bright Angel Trail, while the other half will go to the Grand Canyon Field School, helping to fund programs and give scholarships to underserved members of the youth community. We caught up with a few key players from Teva — webbing designer, Nadine Marchal, product lead, Hy Rosario and marketer, Erika Gabrielli — in the Grand Canyon, itself, to talk about the brand’s new collection.

GP: Nadine, what inspired your design on the Grand Canyon sandal?

Marchal: When I started working on the webbing design for the GC100 collection, I really wanted the design to honor the spirit of the Grand Canyon and all the life who has lived there since its birth. After all these years, it was a chance to embody the soul of Teva and its roots in the Grand Canyon.

GP:  And you’ve been with Teva for a quarter of that century, right?

Marchal: I have been working with Teva for over 25 years, and the brand has always allowed me to express my creativity through design. I was designing for different outdoor brands in France when Teva heard about my work and we started to collaborate on jacquard webbings. I’m proud that those patterned webbings have become one of the iconic design elements the brand is known for today.


GP: Did the team at Teva get to take any inspiration trips to the canyon itself when designing?

Rosario: Our team took an inspiration trip to the Grand Canyon which included designers, developers and product managers. The trip allowed the team to develop a greater appreciation for the Grand Canyon and to experience the beauty of this national treasure first-hand. This experience directly translated into the creation of the collection, with a balance of performance and imagination inspired by the canyon.

GP: Can one of you tell us more about the trail restoration and how it will help kids visit?

Gabrielli: Since the canyon is our birth place it is important for us to give back and make access to it a priority, ensuring future generations have the opportunity to experience its natural wonder. Teva is donating $100K to the Grand Canyon Conservancy, with 50% of our donation going to their Field School, providing scholarships for underserved youth to have immersive educational experiences throughout Grand Canyon National Park. The remainder of the donation is being used to fund the restoration of one of the most popular entries to the canyon, the Bright Angel Trail. In addition to renovating parts of the trail that need it most, this will help ensure continued access for visitors to explore the canyon for the next hundred years and beyond.

GP: What other pieces of gear are essential in the Grand Canyon?

Marchal: Lightweight backpack to hold everything. An extra pair of socks to throw under sandals for the chilly nights. A flashlight, sunscreen and Band-Aids.

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