The Secret to Leatherman’s New Multi-Tool Tech Is Magnets

More than 19 different functions in one easy-to-use multitool, plus an easy magnetic closure system to replace the stiff slip-joints of Leathermans past.


Leatherman has put decades of testing, engineering and consumer feedback into its brand new FREE line that is a complete game changer. The result is a total overhaul of how the brand’s multi-tools can operate. The crux of this is a magnetic opening and closure system that makes operation easy enough to do with one hand.

By moving all the tools to the outside of the pliers handle and replacing slip-joints with magnetic closures, the new range of tools allows for frustration-free access to every folding piece — that means no more digging tools out with your fingernails. The magnetic technology is complemented with locking features that ensure all tools firmly lock into place when extended or put away. The FREE P2 multi-tool offers 19 different tools that can handle just about any task as quick as you can ask for.

Buy Now: $120

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