We’ve Never Seen a Headlamp Quite Like Knog’s Newest Light

The Knog Bandicoot is a unique headlamp that should last for an entire half marathon.


Key Specs:
Brand: Knog
Model: Bandicoot
Price: $35
Availability: Now
Unique Features: A silicone exterior, eight light modes and a two hour run time.

Upshot: The Knog Bandicoot is just 60 grams, lighter than most headlamps we’ve used in the past, and since it’s mostly silicone, there are no water worries; you can wear in the rain for your long run and it’ll still shine brightly. At $35, it’s on the very affordable end of headlamps, especially ones that are USB rechargeable and waterproof.

Who It’s For: Runners, hikers, dog walkers — pretty much anyone who goes out at night and needs something to help guide their path.

Insight: A seemingly infinite number of headlamps launch at Outdoor Retailer every year. This one caught our attention due to the silicone material that wraps the entire lamp around your head. Once you tighten the band, it won’t slip or slide since it’s secured with buttons, not a loop. While it only goes up to 100 lumens, there are eight modes, red light and ambient light, too. If you use the spotlight on low, you’ll get a battery life of at least four hours, and that time increases if you use the wide lights, red lights or downlights instead of the spot hi or low lights.

Learn More: Here

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