4 Different Animals Combined to Make This Incredible Sweater From Patagonia

Karukinka is a new brand based in one of Chile’s southernmost towns.


You already know merino wool is, to use a phrase we’ve worn out like a decade-old sweater, a miracle fiber. (If not, here’s a recap: it dries quickly, it’s static- and stink-resistant, it’s breathable and it isn’t itchy.) But did you know that other animals produce natural fibers that possess similar qualities? Llama and alpaca, which live at similarly high elevations to merino sheep, are two examples, and all three are present in Karukinka’s Kojniken Sweater. A relatively new brand, Karukinka is based in the small city of Porvenir, Chile, deep in South America’s storied Patagonia region.

With this launch, Karukinka hopes to promote its values of sustainability and social ethics through a highly local production process that takes advantage of the Patagonia region’s resources — the animals — while employing the people who live there, too. (The company’s B Corporation certification, which can only be gained by maintaining high social and environmental standards as well as public transparency, is currently pending.) Karukinka is also staying true to the style tradition of the region while modernizing it; in addition to merino, llama and alpaca wool, the Kojniken Sweater features a main panel made of Polartec Power Stretch fabric, which keeps it in line with high-end technical apparel from other outdoor brands.

Karukinka is currently funding the Kojniken Sweater on Kickstarter and, as of this writing, has surpassed its goal by nearly three times.

Now, have you guessed the fourth animal yet? (Hint: you’re one of them.)

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