This Packable Nylon Blind Makes Changing in Public a Breeze

Say goodbye to awkward shimmying at the trailhead.


If you enjoy outdoor pursuits, you are likely well acquainted with that awkward moment when you have to change next to your vehicle. You check to make sure the coast is clear and try to shimmy out of your sweaty running shorts, cycling bibs or swim trunks and into driving garb as fast as possible. Some sort of “towel skirt” may even be involved. The whole affair can be kinda dodgy, and even if you aren’t the self-conscious type, your buddy or partner might be. Thankfully, change is coming in the form of the Squatch Screen, a smart solution out of Huntsville, Alabama.

This simple yet effective piece of gear gives you the extra coverage you need to change in comfort at the trailhead, the beach, the ballfield — wherever your next adventure takes you. The durable double-layer hexagonal rip-stop nylon uses strong rare earth magnets to attach to your vehicle in seconds. When not in use, it packs down to the size of a burrito for easy stash-ability. So before you drop trou again, drop some dough on this clever curtain — use discount code GPROUNDUP for free shipping — and take your sweet time slipping into something a little more comfortable.

Buy Now: $40

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