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Nemo Equipment Losi 3P Tent

Form meets function


The great outdoors is both something to fear and something to cherish. While exploring, one of the most frustrating challenges can be sleeping comfortably. This renders a good tent a truly valuable asset, and a lot of details contribute to that quality. As comfortable as it is beautiful, the NEMO Equipment Losi ($450) is a palatial abode to anyone who totes it.

A freestanding three-season tent, the Losi is an essential for a wide variety of excursions. The double wall style tent allows for maximum breathability in the hot summer, and utmost protection in the downpours of spring. The nearly vertical side allows you to sit up and have not only a substantial amount of floor space, but headspace as well. Weighing less than six pounds, it also serves as a wieldy shelter for everything from multi-month treks, to backyard camping. The fine ‘no-see-um’ mesh makes for stargazing at night in good weather, and the 30D PU nylon is a bomb-proof and lightweight shell fabric that wicks off torrential downpours like a Jedi force field. In summary, the Losi is big enough to fit three grown men with gear, packable enough to fit at the bottom of a bag without notice, and cozy enough to make you feel at home even when you’re far from it.

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