Grand Trunk Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

Well hung

Grand Trunk

The 24-hour news cycle can keep your head spinning if you don’t take some time to escape. Heck, the fact that we know who Justin Beiber is upsets us. Viscerally. Nonetheless, when the time comes for a relaxing weekend get-away, think about packing the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag from Grand Trunk ($180) next to the Clancy novels and scotch. This sleeping bag is chock-full of Thinsulate and positioned in such a way that, unlike most hammock sleeping bags, it won’t thin out on the bottom leaving your back-side to shiver on the nights where the mercury heads south. Its mummy-style and nearly universal hammock compatibility will also help save space by allowing you to leave that silly self-inflating sleeping pad turned yoga mat at home. Make no mistake, this bag will leave you hanging, and we like that.

Buy Now: $180

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