Whiskeyjack Paddles

Never on the rocks, impeccably neat


Originally intended as commemorative gifts for family and friends, Danny Brown’s handmade masterpieces were just too beautiful not to be shared. A little word of mouth, and some busy weekends later and Whiskeyjack Paddles came to be. Based out of the Rocky Mountains in Whitefish, Montana, Whiskeyjack creates individually crafted, hand made functional art in the form of canoe, kayak and surf paddles. With a keen eye for aesthetics credited to years of graphic artistry, and a love of paddling, Danny Brown delivers on the details to set Whiskeyjack Paddles apart.

The Double Whiskey ($165) canoe paddle is an ergonomic double bent stress reliever. Crafted in red and white cedar, with wrapped and poured epoxy, it’s supremely light, which only adds to the comfort of the 10 and 5 degree curves. The Whiskey Apostle ($400) paddle uses a cedar core blade with a polished carbon fibre face to ensure strength, buoyancy and optimal balance for Kayakers seeking a more powerful catch. If you prefer to be on your feet during paddling adventures, the Whiskey Shakedown ($325) is your best bet. At 20 oz it’s incredibly light, and has a dihedral powerface to keep strokes smooth and you on your board.

No matter which paddle you pick, rest assured you’re getting the optimal balance of technology and tradition created by a true artisan. And with no two paddles being alike, inscribed or not, your one-of-a-kind choice will truly be yours.

Buy Now: $165 | $325 | $400

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