Kickstarter: PowerPot X



As any seasoned backpacker will tell you, charging electronics while far from electrical sources is not yet a perfected task. With solar technology getting more efficient, and external batteries getting more powerful, the solutions are growing. However, the options are still bulky and heavy – the biggest adversaries for outdoorspeople. Enter the PowerPot, the most comprehensive, lightweight, and inherently efficient notion to date. Using thermoelectric power generation, one simply puts this pot on a flame, adds water, and plugs in a device. The cool water and hot flame create electricity, which is then transferred through a flame resistant cable to your electronic device. The PowerPot can even be used on a campfire, since it comes equipped with three feet of cord.

The two greatest considerations — weight and efficiency – will quickly be put to rest. The PowerPot X weighs in at 12 ounces and can charge a smartphone in one to two hours. Not only is this a backpacker’s dream, but the folks at PowerPot will be sending these puppies abroad to help third-world countries produce free electricity, reliably and simply. Waterproof, wear resistant, and steadfast, it also serves as the perfect option when zombies attack and the power grid goes down…

Buy Now: $125+ (Preorder)

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