Upgrade Your Camp Breakfast with Our New Staff Favorite Meal

Just add water and you’re guaranteed a better breakfast.


It’s no secret that our staff loves RxBar. From the protein bars to the nut butter , we keep these in our desk drawers, backpacks and take on long hikes and runs to stay fueled. So we’re pretty excited about the latest launch of Oats. RxBar Oats are easy to prepare oatmeal that tastes great. Our team sampled the three new flavors: Chocolate, Maple and Apple Cinnamon, and loved the simplicity of the ingredients that packed a flavorful punch.

Just like the bars and nut butter, you can read the ingredient list on each label, and it’s pretty stark, in a good way. Egg whites, almonds, dates and gluten-free oats are the base of each meaning you get 12 grams of protein.

You can eat hot or cold, just pick which water you want to add. With cold, you’ll need to let soak for at least three hours (or overnight), or add hot water to eat immediately. While we’re partial to the Maple and Apple Cinnamon, if you’re a chocolate lover, that one is for you. Shop the three new flavors online today.

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