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NFL Star Carson Wentz on the Outdoor Gear He Can’t Live Without

As great as he is in the backfield, he may be even better in the backcountry.


Resilience is underrated. Just ask Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who doesn’t let an injury-plagued couple of years deter his enthusiasm for the upcoming season. “I’m really excited to get out there and play loose and free again,” says 2016’s no. 2 pick. “The talent on the roster is amazing, but nothing is given. We need to go out and earn it.”

Wentz has something else to be excited about, too: his new Amazon Sports & Outdoors custom shop, featuring 48 items covering his favorite camping, fishing and hunting gear. With everything from tents and pocket knives to trail mix, the curated store is a natural fit for the nature-loving Wentz, who was born in North Carolina but spent his childhood and college football years in North Dakota. 

“I grew up spending time in the outdoors at a young age but didn’t truly get passionate about it until I was in college,” he explains. “It really all began pheasant hunting with some friends my freshman year. I just watched their dogs work and I instantly became hooked. Soon after, I got my first dog, Henley, and we started hunting together just about every chance we could.”

From pre-season workouts to postseason recovery, an NFL campaign can be grueling. So when Wentz isn’t in pro football mode, he still chooses to spend his time outdoors. And he’s not too picky on the locale, requiring little more than elbow room and some waterfowl. “I’m truly at peace while sitting over a pond or hiding in a field with my dogs right beside me,” says Wentz. “It might not be a typical getaway place for most, but I love it.”

After years of hunting and fishing trips, Wentz has become quite the gear aficionado and knows the right equipment can make or break your outdoor adventures. “I’ve spent countless times in the outdoors as a kid with improper gear, and it almost completely turned me away from hunting,” he says. “From being too cold, too wet or not being able to see, the gear can make all the difference in the world. Invest in the right gear the first time — you won’t regret it.”

Here are his top seven recommendations. Check them out and so much more at his Amazon store. And for even more great deals, shop the Amazon Sports Fall Outdoor Event, featuring discounted hunting, fishing and camping gear and more through the end of September.

Muddy The Boss Hang-On Treestand

“I spend a good amount of my free time during the football season in this stand, and it just helps me to relax and put everything into perspective.” 

Buy Now: $86

Streamlight LED Headlamp

“I love getting up early to get outdoors. All those early mornings need a reliable light, and this is the one I use.”

Buy Now: $21

Leupold Laser Rangefinder

“Archery hunting is one of my favorite things to do, and you can’t do it without a reliable rangefinder. This goes with me every time I bow hunt.”

Buy Now: $346

Atlas Trap Company Clay Target Thrower

“I got into hunting and the outdoors while out pheasant hunting with some college buddies. I was honestly a pretty bad shot at the time, so I spent a good amount of time in college shooting clay pigeons to get better. This is still a ton of fun to do with my friends, and we get a little competitive, too, which is fun.” 

Buy Now: $1,399

Lowrance FishHunter 3D

“It seems like every summer I end up back in North Dakota for a little bit, and we spend a lot of time on the water fishing for walleyes. There is no way we’d be able to find fish and catch them without a reliable fish finder.” 

Buy Now: $199

Muddy Infinity 2-Man Ground Blind

“Sometimes when we hunt it’s simply impossible to hunt from a tree stand. So, we do the next best thing—put up a ground blind right where we want to be. Because it’s a two-person blind, my brother and I are usually able to sit in there together, which is pretty fun.” 

Buy Now: $188

Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Combo Fishing Reel Rod

“All those hours we spend fishing for walleyes in North Dakota aren’t possible without a reliable fishing pole and reel.”

Buy Now: $143

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