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Upgrade Your Gym Bag with These Grooming Products Tested By the Special Forces

The military put this shampoo, body wash, face lotion and sunscreen through the paces.


Special Ops servicemen and women have some of the toughest jobs, which means they need some intense products to keep up with them. From two-a-day workouts (or more) to base camps in deserts, grooming products have to go a long way to work in extreme situations. Bravo Sierra, a brand new wellness company, wants to outfit military personnel with the right products to keep them cool, clean and conditioned. Bravo Sierra launches today with eight products. And if the grooming products work for those in Special Ops, it’s bound to work for the active civilian.

Bravo Sierra didn’t just create products for the military, they worked with them. The team connected with Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Green Berets and more to gather testing notes. All of the feedback they collected for over a year and a half created new iterations of the items available today.

We tested out a handful of the products after an intense workout at Performix House in NYC. A quick swipe of the woodsy and light antibacterial body wipes left us feeling refreshed. Next, we tested the hair, body wash & shave (a 4-in-1), shaving cream and the deodorant. Each has a fresh woody scent that works all day long. There’s also a face moisturizer, hair grooming paste, face sunscreen and lip balm, all made and filled in the USA.

Bravo Sierra products range from $5 to $20 (for kits), and you can shop it all on BravoSierra.com today.

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