Yes, Pre- and Post-Workout Fuel Really Matter

Ladder Supplements are jammed packed with only the highest quality natural ingredients so you know what you are getting and gives you the top performance you need.


Success leaves clues. And, in the case of LeBron James, the best clues are the ones you least expect. While everyone focuses on LeBron’s training and unique blend of athleticism, hard work, and genetic gifts, Mike Mancias — LeBron’s trainer — will tell you the real secret to his success is his emphasis on recovery.

A big part of recovery is consuming the right foods before and immediately after working out. And those nutrition rules don’t just apply to the pros; they are the key to muscle gain, fat loss, sports performance and avoiding injury for anybody.

The hard part is finding supplements you can actually trust in terms of labeling, quality ingredients and safety to deliver the recovery nutrition you need.

James and Mancias couldn’t find the right supplements to deliver professional-caliber results, so they decided to create their own. Teaming up with experts including top researchers at the University of North Carolina and fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, they invested 4 years in formulating Ladder. The brand focused only on the supplements proven to work, making them cleaner and more effective.

Bar Malik, Director of Performance for the New York Knicks and newest Ladder advisor, was able to swing by Gear Patrol’s own product culture conference, Stocked. Bringing the same knowledge he uses every day with the Knicks, Malik taught a class on the building blocks of active recovery, with the use of Ladder Supplements.

Kicking off with the Ladder’s Strawberry Lemonade Pre-Workout, Malik coached the class through a series of foam rolling and stretch band activities — all overlooking the Hudson River. Malik followed up with a short circuit and a final limber stretch. The Ladder Chocolate and Vanilla Plant Protein shakes rounded out the Active Recovery session.

Ladder’s Protein powders were designed to provide the exact amount of protein you need after a workout. Many protein powders use low-quality sources that don’t give you what you need. Specifically, recovery depends on the essential amino acids (EAAs). Ladder’s protein options include a dairy variation (whey and milk protein) and a vegan variation made from pea and pumpkin protein, both of which are complete proteins, have more than 20 grams per serving and are low-calorie to fuel any goal.

As plant proteins are tougher to absorb than whey, Ladder has also added digestive enzymes to help your body take full advantage of all the nutrients. The powders also include probiotics to give your immune system a boost. Throw in some banana or strawberry and you’ve got a healthy and vitamin-rich post-workout treat that will keep your body primed for the next session.

Ladder Supplements are jammed packed with only natural ingredients — there is also no soy, gluten, artificial sweeteners or GMOs to be found in any of the products. Even better, every batch is tested and NSF Certified for Sport so you know there are never any banned substances, no dangerous levels of toxins or metals, and that all labels are accurate. Ladder offers a tightly edited selection of whey and plant proteins in an easily dissolvable powder that will fuel your performance and recovery — to take your workout to the next level.

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