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POC Spine VPD 2.0 Jacket

Protect yourself, before you wreck yourself


Taking to the trails or tackling your favorite slalom on two wheels usually requires suiting up like a plastic clad medieval knight. Eschew the gear though and you might confine yourself to a different set of wheels altogether. The next time you want to head out over the hills and through the woods slip on the POC Spine VPD 2.0 Jacket ($300) under your favorite T, to keep things safe and secure. The integrated protection found in the shoulders, elbows, chest and back is comprised of POC’s new VPD 2.0 compound. The polymer based foam is soft and malleable enough to comfortably conform to your body, until it needs to save your skin. As soon as the pads are poked, prodded or flexed the wrong way they immediately stiffen up to provide protection that meets and exceeds most motorcycle standards. The protective base layer is also highly ventilated and treated with a Polygiene anti-odor shield so you won’t have to smell medieval, either.

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