If There’s Such a Thing as “Performance” Jeans, Here’s the Best Pair of Them

Thanks to the input of founders with a background in the athletic apparel space, Revtown is disrupting the denim business.


Amid the myriad health benefits that working out and eating clean have afforded me, there is one pretty significant drawback: finding the right pair of jeans is a real pain. With an athletic upper body and a virtually non-existent ass, my legs are a mere extension of my back — leaving me looking like I’m wearing Depends or, on the other end of the spectrum, like my jeans are painted on and I can’t physically move. That is until I came across an up-and-coming denim brand called Revtown.

The founders of Revtown recognized issues like mine and saw them as an opportunity to break into a crowded market with a fresh approach. What they did was actually quite simple, and simple is good. While other designer denim companies offer a multitude of options that can be overwhelming, Revtown offers three styles in a variety of washes that are timeless. The pair I own, for example, are steel grey in the sharp cut, which is slimmer but not “skinny” and doesn’t have that painted-on feel.

The look and feel has a lot to do with the cut but also the denim itself. Two of the founders spent nearly a decade at Under Armour. Drawing from their experience in the athletic apparel space, they combined high-quality Italian denim with durable stretchy thread often found in football or yoga pants. The result? Decade Denim is ultra durable and as buttery soft as any designer jeans you can find. Add in Revtown’s digital tailor, an online tool used to determine your size, and it is as easy as ever to find your perfect fit.

When I first tried this feature, I was highly skeptical. I have always been a 34 x 34, so when my size came back 33 x 32 I was shocked. There is no way this can be right, I thought to myself. They’re going to fit like capris. I even went as far as to contact a Revtown rep to confirm, and he assured me this size was correct. No joke, the jeans fit me perfectly. No Depends loose or boy-band tight, just a straight-up comfortable and good-looking fit — and quite a lot of value for $79.

That’s a relatively small price to pay for a pair of jeans that not only look good but accommodate athletic activity. I’m happy to wear them out to a nice dinner — or to play Spikeball or Cornhole at a backyard BBQ . Hell, there is even a picture of a dude on the Revtown site performing a pistol squat in a pair of Revtowns. I have not achieved that feat myself, but if any pair of jeans is optimized for such a move, these are the ones.

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