What You Need to Know About E-Biking in National Parks

The NPS just announced its official policy on the matter — here are the highlights.


Over the weekend, the National Park Service quietly released a new e-bike policy, and fans of pedal assistance will rejoice. The NPS essentially gave them the go-ahead, consistent with the e-bike policies of most states and the Department of the Interior’s mandate to open up recreational opportunities on public lands. 

The new policy essentially allows e-bikes as much access to the parks as traditional bikes have, with one stipulation: e-bike riders must only use motors to assist pedal propulsion, not throttle along without pedaling, except where the roads are open to public motor vehicle traffic. 

We see a lot of upsides to this policy in terms of increasing access to the outdoors for those who might be otherwise be limited by their physical fitness, age or disability… assuming people respect the rules and don’t go tearing up trails on borderline motorcycles, of course. Check out more food for thought — and some great e-bike options — below.

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