Primus Firehole

Fire in the holes


Our collective taste buds have been maturing at a rapid rate, and no longer will charcoal laden processed meats satisfy the hunger achieved after a long day of hiking the wilderness. The Primus Firehole is the essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast who also knows the secret to a great meal is a controllable, consistent fire with the power to handle various cuts of meat, as well as fresh produce without issue. This rugged two-burner portable stove features recessed controls, an onboard timer, cooking light, and even boasts an integrated utensil set.

Under the hood, the Firehole is fueled by easily obtainable 1 lb. propane canisters that produce 24,000 BTUs. Windscreens and adjustable feet insure the natural terrain will not result in an unevenly cooked meal, and a 3-minute boiling time means morning coffee can actually be enjoyed before the tide comes in. Even when in the comfort of the backyard, the Firehole would be an excellent addition to any grill setup when accommodating larger groups of people. Just in time for the summer season, this device is definitely worth its weight in freshly caught river trout.

Buy Now: $295

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