Who needs matches?


Developed with the Special Forces in mind, the patented, flameless, anodized-aluminum Heatstick ($460) can quickly and turn your 1L Nalgene into a disinfecting kettle. Just attach the fuel, hit the igniter and integrate Heatstick into the included water container, or your own, and boom: hot, clean water. Ideal for turning freeze-dried rations into a outback Sunday roast, creating potable drinking water or even aiding with hinterland hygiene, the Heatstick is the only water heating system that operates in a vacuum. The Heatstick is silent, odorless, has a neutral heat signature and does not emit any light whatsoever — good when you’re avoiding night-vision goggle clad baddies. Just don’t forget to bring some extra Fuelsticks.

Buy Now: $460

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