Slip 'n' slide on any tide


We’ve covered a lot of kayaks in the past – some built for speed, some for comfort. But this is a totally different animal. The out-of-the-box folks at Bellyak have taken inspiration from the kayak and created what they call a bodyboat. They’ve opened up the kayak completely, increased the curvature, and flipped the driver from butt to belly. In other words, they’ve moved you from passenger to pilot.

The creators got the idea after a hurricane ripped through their South Carolina town, filling a small creek right up to the tree branches and creating a tunnel that was too small for a seated kayaker to traverse. But it wasn’t too small for someone to shoot through in a prone position, so the Bellyak was born. While not yet for sale, Bellyak does have two models in production – the Frequency for beginners, and the Play for advanced bellyboaters.

Kayaking is great, but this creative new craft definitely has our inner-Knievel giddy with interest. If you’ve been itching to literally get your feet wet on rapids, keep an eye out at your local kayak shop for the Bellyak.

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