Audi e-bike Wörthersee

Look, Ma! No skills!


One thing we know about the individual(s) who handles Audi’s bicycle line is, he’s got time on his hands. For the Wörthersee tour in Austria, Audi will reveal an incredible twist on the bicycle in Austria with their E-Bike Wörthersee, and it’s really not exactly what you’d think. Rather than simply an eco-conscious two-wheeler, the Audi E-Bike actually encourages you to do irresponsible things like stunts, wheelies and other tricks that might result in a trip to the E-hospital.

The carbon-fiber reinforced polymer frame is designed to make the bike easy to maneuver. Audi has also dropped in an electronic control system that assists the rider in performing stunts like the “Power Wheelie” mode and the “Balanced Wheelie” by maintaining rider balance and counteracting any foibles by using a 2.3 kW electric motor to keep both bike and biker upright. The motor can propel the bike to an unassisted 31 mph (eGrip mode) and a Pedelec mode for combined motor + pedaling that will enable you to hit up 50 mph (can you say “road rash”?). Or you can go all Huffy in the Pure mode that’s all you. Riding modes can be programmed right into the bike’s touchscreen or on your smartphone (geez, why am I biking at all?). No pricing has been revealed nor have production details. It’s okay. Your lazy self can wait a little longer.

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