TaylorMade Penta TP5 Golf Ball

Spin Doctor


Believing you have the best ball on the market is no small declaration, but TaylorMade firmly feels just that in their new PENTA TP5 ($46). They weren’t joking or offering half-hearted proclamations either; these guys really believe it. One of the main drivers of this new found confidences is a ball that has a 28% lower compression core. When combined with the company’s unique Progressive Velocity Design the PENTA TP5 offers up more distance and a softer feel.

What struck us (pun aside), is that this is a tour designed golf ball that’s designed to be more playable for the rest of us. Too often we see fellow golfers playing a ball they can’t properly compress and therefore can’t reap the spin and distance benefits they’re paying for. Other companies offer options for slower swing speeds, but with options often come sacrifices. TaylorMade on the other hand, manages to fit it all into one offering.

We’re long into the season with the PENTA TP5 and thought it was a nice step up from the original, which we were also found of. While playing in damp and slightly windy conditions the PENTA TP5 was superb at holding its line and somehow managed to park itself when it found the green. We particularity liked the feel off the putter face. Just right. Distance balls feel like rocks on the green and spin balls feel like marshmallow off the tee; but the PENTA TP5 has specifically designed mantels (think: layers) to give you just the right feel and game changing spin you need when you need it.

Buy Now: $46 (Dozen)

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