Delorean Bicycles

Flux capacitor optional

Delorean Bicycles

A new collaboration between Stephen Wynne of Delorean Motor Company and Marc Moore, a passionate cyclist and entrepeneur, breathes new life into an icon of the ’80s in the best possible way (short of actually working out time travel, of course). While most bike makers are currently working in carbon fiber and other exotic materials, Delorean Bicycles goes back to the future retro with lugless, stainless steel frames designed and built by Sarto Antonio Racing Bicycles using Italian-made Columbus XCR tubing. While they definitely won’t be the lightest bikes out of the road, the old school frames do offer a clean look, durability, corrosion-resistance and optimum flux dispersal (the last according to Doc Brown).

As of now, Delorean offers three models: AnyDay, an urban all-around; Speed, a road-racer; and Cruz, a hard-tail mountain-bike. Details are still pending on the Speed and Cruz, but the AnyDay is an 11-speed internally geared upright with front and rear disc brakes and belt-driven to eliminate greasy chain marks. The look is definitely fast, but good luck getting the “no roads” bike up to 88 mph!

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