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Floating Rope Swing

Hanging by a thread


Summertime as an adult is a tease. Instead of lazy days at the ol’ watering hole, the only change we expect in the warmer months is a little extra sweat when arriving late to a meeting. If anything can help bring us back during the fleeting moments away from the office, though, it’s the Floating Rope Swing ($3,800). Yes, the 13 1/2′-high apparatus perfectly emulates the experience of swinging from an overhang into the river, minus the threat of cracking branches and broken necks.

Suspended from its own platform and made from 28 oz. marine-grade, reinforced PVC, this horseshoe-shaped island is safe for swimmers up to 250 pounds and allows you to let go of the rope at any point during launch. Meaning no more face plants in the mud, which aren’t nearly as fun now as when you were ten. Just keep in mind that there’s still no cure for the common belly flop.

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