Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284

Leave it to Cleaver

Wood & Metal

If you’re itching to reenact an episode of Lost, husk coconuts, or just clear brush, the Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284 machete should come in handy. The made in the USA concave axe blade, forged in high carbon steel (hardened to Rockwell C47+2 for you knife aficionados), “catches” branches and vines, reducing the glancing blows for which the traditionally shaped machete is notorious. The leather grip, with a protective handguard, fits nicely to the hand, absorbing sweat from toils in your backyard or tropical rainforests, and keeps you from flying off the handle. The main cutting edge is complemented with a sickle hook for carving through “catch-me, f-me” creepers that resist a regular sharp and make life miserable for every point man. At just under a foot and a half in length, the machete is fantastic for close work, made safer with a one-inch unsharpened safety toe to reduce deflective injuries. Still, best to leave coconut husking with a machete to a pro, unless you like the nickname “Lefty”.

Buy Now: $75

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