F&Y Les Classiques Wooden Bike Handlebars

Handle your wood


If your bike is covered in duct tape and still needs a bit of cleaning after your last messy meal on the run, then perhaps F&Y Les Classiques wooden bike handlebars are not for you. Made in Montreal, Quebec via painstaking hand craftsmanship, the Les Classiques line is built with fine hardwoods such as Morado, Wenge and Ash, and you can choose from straight or beautifully curved models that are bolstered by aluminum and brass hardware for strength. Classically named for circuits like La Doyenne and La Fléche, the bars are reasonably priced from $70-$100. But you’ll still want to be careful not to go end-over-end in an poorly executed attempt to mimic Floyd Landis Eddy Mercx.

Buy Now: $70-$110

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