This Is the Smartest Survival Kit We’ve Seen in a While

Putting together a lightweight, compact, waterproof survival kit is more an art form than a science.

VSSL Adventure Kits

It’s crucial to have the right survival gear and first aid equipment when planning your next adventure, whether you’re headed abroad or to the state park. But putting together a lightweight, compact, waterproof survival kit is more an art form than a science. Knowing what to include, how to pack it efficiently and how to use it in a pinch, are often headaches for outdoor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this means that many people aren’t adequately prepared when disaster strikes. That’s why we love VSSL.

Each VSSL kit begins with a core design: a 9-inch, military-grade aluminum cylinder that has two threaded endcaps. The aluminum end caps have rubber gaskets that ensure a waterproof seal, protecting the supplies from the elements. The top cap features an oil-filled, precision compass while the bottom boasts a 200-lumen LED light with four light modes — including an SOS function — which can be used while fitted to the cylinder or deployed alone.

VSSL kits are only two inches in diameter and weigh in at less than a pound, making them compact, easy to pack, and relatively light. VSSL Adventure kits come in four configurations, each designed for a specific use case. Whether you’re a day hiker or thru-hiker, there’s a VSSL for you.

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The Camp Supplies

VSSL’s Camp Supplies configuration is a compact survival multitool offering a bevy of essential gear in a compact package. The aluminum cylinder contains eight threaded tins which house assorted survival gear. Inside you find a firestarter kit, a fishing kit, a water purification kit and several useful items including a wire saw, a sewing kit and whistle. All told, the Camp Supplies kit contains over 70 pieces of essential survival gear.

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The First Aid Kit

The Compact First Aid Kit is designed for emergencies. It contains a custom first aid roll that keeps bandages, Ster-Strips, vinyl gloves, gauze and antibiotic and burn creams organized yet easy to access. The reverse side has basic First Aid instructions for treating burns, tending fractures and controlling bleeding. Mend small cuts or scrapes or treat more serious injuries and use the emergency whistle and SOS light mode to get help quick.

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The Flask

The VSSL flask is designed for those memorable moments on summits, streamsides or beside a campfire. It boasts two collapsible metal shot glasses, bottle opener, and a glass-infused, 9-ounce flask for your spirit of choice.

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The Mini

If VSSL’s Camp Supplies kit is your survival gear multi-tool, then the Mini is your keychain Swiss Army Knife. The Mini adds to the core VSSL design by incorporating a carabiner clip on its top compass endcap. With essentials like a mini first aid kit, fire starter kit, and a tin with a spool of rope and razor, the Mini still packs a powerful punch, despite being only 6 inches long. The Mini is the perfect companion for a day hike or trail run, or throw it in the glove box of your car and keep some essentials handy while on the road.

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