Why This $1,350 Bike Tool Kit Is Worth Every Penny

Abbey Bike Tools is releasing a complete bike maintenance tool set unlike any other available, but it comes at a price.


Imagine a toolbox littered with bike tools — screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, pliers, cutters, chain cleaner, rags. Then toss that mental image out the window. Instead, replace it with that of Abbey Bike Tools’s new Team Issue Toolbox, a treasure chest disguised as an ordinary black Pelican case. Its interior is meticulously packed with implements you never knew might be considered beautiful, flashes of color replacing the plain chrome or unfinished steel you might’ve been picturing just a moment ago. The only catch? It costs $1,350.

How? And why? For one, there are a lot of tools in this kit; all told, 40-plus items you need for more than just routine bike maintenance. But it’s also the quality of those tools that makes them so pricey. Bend, Oregon-based Abbey was founded by Jason Quade, a former bike shop employee and race circuit regular, in response to a lack of quality and precision in available tools — bikes got better, but the tools to maintain them didn’t. When the company designs something new, it puts its primary focus on quality and doesn’t take the potential final price into account. The result? Pro-grade tools so exact, they won’t strip the bolts and screws holding your ride together.

Abbey doesn’t make all of the tools needed for bike maintenance, though. Thankfully, its dedication to precision outweighs any sentiment of competition, and it filled out the rest of the Team Issue Toolbox with the best it could source from other companies. Along with Abbey’s unique implements, you’ll find pliers from Knipex and drivers from Wera, two highly regarded tool makers from Germany. Abbey even left some extra space in the box so that if you need to add to your setup or include a favorite tool of your own, there’s room.

Preorder Now: $1,350

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