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The Best Items for a Travel-Friendly EDC

Getting out?


The operative word in the term EDC – everyday carry – is “everyday.” It implies daily use, which to some might come through something like Airpods and to others, a pocket knife. The items we find useful day in, day out vary from one person to another, but it’s not just a personal preference that allows for distinction in what we carry. Place plays a role too.

You might have an outdoor-specific EDC or one for life in the city. Or you might gear your everyday carry toward no place in particular and instead for the flexibility that travel requires. In which case, you’ve come to the right place indeed.

Code of Bell X-Pod

Sling bags have recently been drawing devotees from the fashion world, but they aren’t just a style statement; they’re practical, too. That’s particularly true for travel — when a backpack is overkill for a day spent wandering a foreign city, you still need something to tote around an extra layer, water and a camera (as well as the other items on this list). Code of Bell’s X-Pod is perfect for the task thanks to a sleek look and expanding construction that accommodates more than you’d think.

BUY NOW: $149

The James Brand Stilwell

Sure, most pens are small enough to travel well, but Stilwell does so with determined style. Closed, this pen is 3.5 inches long and fits into the coin pocket of your jeans. Open, it’s cap extends the utensil’s length to fit comfortably in hand, even during long bouts of journaling. As a bonus, the Stilwell uses a replaceable D1 ink cartridge that’s easy to find around the world.

BUY NOW: $50+

Moleskine Voyageur Notebook

While any bound stack of paper might serve as a place to jot down impressions from the road, Moleskine outfitted its Voyageur Notebook specifically for travel. It has pages, lined and blank, for drawings and thoughts, but it also contains sections for planning days and budgets as well as need-to-know information, such as time zones, area codes and how to get in touch with local police.

BUY NOW: $17

HydraPak Stow

The Stow uses a flexible construction that keeps it lightweight and remarkably packable.

BUY NOW: $14+

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

After a full day in transit or hours spent on a hiking trail or around town, a fresh-feeling face makes for a simple yet wondrous morale boost. Stash some of these wipes in your carry-on and day bag, so you always have one at the ready.

BUY NOW: $24 (20 pack)

Leatherman Free T4

A road trip through Europe inspired Tim Leatherman to create the original multi-tool, but the newer Swiss Army-like Free T4 is ideal for everyday travelers. Its compact form employs magnets to permit one-handed deployment of a knife, scissors, bottle opener, screwdriver, tweezers and more. Needless to say, don’t stash this one in your carry-on.

BUY NOW: $60

Bellroy Coin Fold

Coins still count as meaningful currency in most countries, so it’s smart to carry a wallet that keeps them safe in one place. Take Bellroy’s Coin Fold, which might be a standard billfold if it weren’t for its smartly-designed coin pouch. (The wallet also has a slot for a SIM card, should you need to swap your phone to a local carrier.)

BUY NOW: $99

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