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Aston Martin

Automotive themed bikes are nothing new, but one based on an exclusive supercar is something else, entirely. The Aston Martin One-77 Cycle is just such a two-wheeled unicorn. Built by renowned British bike builder, Factor Bikes, the Aston Martin One-77 bike is based on the Factor001, widely considered to be the most technologically advanced bike in the world.

For this automotive themed version, Factor has added Shimano Dura-Ace shift levers, plus all brake lines for the hydraulic system are housed within the frame and fork and even the connectors for the brake calipers are shrouded within the brake mounts, making the bike as sleek as possible. Ultra-cool LED lights are imbedded into the seat tube and handlebars, controlled by buttons in the bike’s brake levers. The “motorsport-derived data logging system” provides performance data to the rider via 100 channels in areas such as speed, temperature, rate of climb, and vital biometric data like respiration rate and core temperature. Even data such as torque and power delivery to the crankset are routed directly to the logging system, and the Bluetooth system can send data to smartphones. Virtually every component is custom, and you get a full carbon frame, Dura-Ace Di2 7970 groupset, disc brakes and carbon wheels. But it’s not all technology without artistry. The deep set paint and hand stitching on the handlebars and seat finish out this pinnacle of British bike-making. All this two-wheeled wonderment comes at a hefty price of $39,000 and only 77 will be made.

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