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Mizuno Pro Limited Edition Glove

Right down Broadway


If the Mizuno Pro Limited Edition Glove ($500) proves anything, it’s that we’ve come a long way since Topps cards and home run derby — fond memories of insane break-in methods come to mind. And yes, while it still functions as a leather mitt to catch baseballs, the Mizuno Pro comes with a vast complement of details (e.g. a Shika deerskin palm liner). Made from Deguchi Tanned Northern European Kip leather, Mizuno has engineered the glove with Speed Drive technology, specifically tailored for 8 different field positions including first base and catcher.

But what else do those 5-yards get you? Much more. Along with your acquisition, Mizuno also provides an off-season conditioning program to ensure the glove not only fits perfectly, but will do so for the duration of its service, which includes maintenance options like re-lacing, felt replacement, oil application and complete web-replacement. Sounds pretty damn Major League to us.

Buy Now: $500

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