Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

Reflective vest not required


The Australian electric bike company, Stealth, has a Mad Max penchant for design. Such is the case for their post-apocalyptic (but environmentally conscious) Stealth Bomber electric bike. Okay, so the name choice lacks some originality, but the design and practicality are nothing short of genius. Combined with your own leg strength, the Bomber uses 4.5kW of electric power via the 9 speed sequential gearbox. What this equates to is quick starts, easier climbs and longer, nearly silent journeys.

The stiff CroMoly frame and front and rear adjustable suspension provide rigidity and shock absorption for comfortable but performance-oriented rides regardless of the landscape. The dual hydraulic brakes provide solid stopping power and provide regenerative braking to power the battery, just like the technology found in electric/hybrid cars. Under moderate riding on flat ground, you can get up to 40 miles on one charge and a speed of up to 50 mph. The lithium cell battery charges up in a mere 2 hours, so you can get up and go without too much delay, and you’ll thank yourself for not exerting yourself too much on the ride. Who says you can’t be environmentally conscious AND lazy?

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