What To Do About Your Holiday Jet Lag

ERW developed a physiologically-tailored solution to keep you hydrated and energized through a long flight: My Flight Pack.


If you’re someone who flies constantly, you already know that clocking miles in the sky can wreak havoc on your body and your mind. From drying out your skin to losing a day at your destination to jet lag, plane travel can do a number on you. Add in the low humidity — the air in a plane cabin is three times drier than that of the Sahara desert — and the intense pressure of the altitude, and it’s a one-two punch for dehydration, which affects your cognitive functions, emotional stability and productivity. And that is besides intensifying the usual side effects of jet lag.

To counteract all this, the scientists at ERW have developed a physiologically-tailored solution to keep you hydrated and energized through a long flight: My Flight Pack. Developed with top-riders in the Tour de France, this three-step powdered hydration solution will change the way you fly. My Flight Pack is already a hit with teams from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB who have been testing it out on players who often have to fly thousands of miles between games

And from now until December 24, you can take 20% off your order with the code gearpatrol2020 to help with your holiday travels.

We took a closer look at the three-step program to show you how it all comes together to keep you energized and ready to take on anything when you land.


1. The Pre-Flight Hydration Formula: The PREP mix is there to prepare you for the high and dry cabin. Essentially a hyper-hydrator to be taken before takeoff to get your body prepared for the coming flight.

2. The Hydrating and Calming Formula: Once you are airborne, it’s time for the second stage. With Rhodiola to lower your stress hormones and tart cherry containing natural melatonin to promote sleep, the Calming Formula makes sure your flight is smooth.

3. The Kick-Starting Wake-Up Protein Drink: Once you’ve hit the ground and need to get on with your business, the Wake-Up formula will kick you into high gear with 21g of protein, rehydrating and aiding in your recovery from the stress of traveling.

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