Design Spotlight: Cannondale CERV by Priority Designs

Tron de France

Priority Designs

Want a cycling game-changer? You’ve got it. The Cannondale CERV by Priority Designs is a concept bike that adapts to a constantly changing riding environment. Typically, the rider’s body has to compensate for such changes, but the CERV has a “dynamically adjustable headset” that moves both vertically and horizontally during riding. For example, in a hill climb the CERV headset moves up and back, transferring the rider into an upright position for optimal leverage. In a descent, the headset moves down and forward to provide lower drag. All this is, fantastically, achieved without changing the rider’s seat-to-crank length.

The bike also boasts a single swing arm in front rather than a traditional fork, as well as chainless operation (don’t ask us how this works). The CERV was recently unveiled at EUROBIKE to critical acclaim for its sincerely revolutionary design. The bike should spawn a working version on the cycling scene in the next few years, and we can’t wait to see it in action.

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