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Oru Folding Kayak

Personal Pocket Navy


Who hasn’t found themselves looking across a pond, lake, river or ocean with a desire to explore but absent the means to do so? With the Oru folding kayak, a whole new world of paddling exploration just opened up. The brain-child of San Francisco designer Anton Willis, the Oru goes from a package the size of a large artist’s portfolio to a 12-foot, 25-pound water-tight vessel in five minutes (less if you used to make paper airplanes out of your homework).

Constructed of corrugated plastic with structural reinforcements, the kayak is eminently sea-worthy in mild waters; the portable, dependable craft will be available soon for an estimated retail of $500. Visit the Oru site to jump on the mailing list for production notification, and watch the Oru quickly go from portage to paddling in this video.

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