Snolo Sleds Stealth-X

Blow down the mountain

Snolo Sleds

If the dictionary was filled with pictures, you’d fine the Snolo Sleds Stealth-X ($3,000) nestled right next to the term “over-engineered”. It’s comprised of three distinct parts: a carbon fiber mono shell sitting area, a single front ski with foot pegs and a connecting arm. Releasing a locking nut separates each of these parts, making this slope bomber easy to break down and backpack to the natural racecourse of your choice. So what can this weaponized keister rocket do on the snow?

Well, besides calling out your greased up saucer for being the ugly platter it is, even on average gradients the Stealth-X is capable of reaching speeds of 40 mph. Extrapolate that out to steeper slopes as you see fit (disclaimer: this sled has the potential to cause many utterly glorious deaths). Then there’s the question of stopping. There’s no brake; but rather than closing their eyes and praying for a snow bank, riders control the sled by leaning the body and pushing down on the front mounted pegs with their feet, kind of like riding a snowboard. Hoping to be one of the first “extreme sledders” out there? Then prepare to cough up $3,000 and wait around until December 17th for the fun to begin.

Buy Now: $3,000 (Available Dec 7th)

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