LensLight Mini TAD Edition



You can tell a lot about a man by his EDC. Zippo, house keys, obligatory pocket knife, handgun, paracord, unspeakably cool shades — we’ve seen it all. The serious carrier, however, is sure to include a flashlight, and we recommend the LensLight Mini TAD Edition ($325) from Triple Aught Design. This miniature light is practical (what flashlight isn’t?), but also as tactical as a tank. We’re talking a design made specifically for disorienting and blinding a would be attacker, pairing with a gun (using the Eye Index technique, of course), or beating down a bad guy (or a window) with its striking bezel.

Of course, it’s also weatherproof and water resistant — and like any product made for extremes, finds great use in less intense situations. It runs for 50 hours on low (5 lumens) and 1.5 hours on high (300 lumens); an aspherical lens system provides the right beam for both reading and illuminating a target hundreds of yards away; its glass lenses are impact hardened, in the off chance you drop it, butterfingers. Just remember, before you get jazzed up to use it, try the light switch. 

Buy Now: $325

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