Croatia’s Elon Musk Launched an Electric Mountain Bike, and It’s Insane

With built-in internet connectivity, integrated cameras, a GPS chip and so much more, the Greyp G6 has our full attention.

For those who have been living under a rock — which honestly isn’t a bad idea these days — electric bikes have really taken off. The trend extends to the mountain bike space, and you just know something’s up when Croatia’s Elon Musk gets involved. That’s right, Mate Rimac, the wunderkind behind two of the fastest-accelerating cars ever (both electric) has gotten into e-mountain bikes, and he’s bringing quite possibly the most technologically advanced take on them to America.

The company is called Greyp, the four-bike line is called G6, and wow is it loaded. Greyp describes it as “a full-carbon trail bike with a high-tech heart and e-supercar soul.” On the e-bike side, the G6 boasts up to a 460-watt motor (depending on the model) powered by 36-volt, 700Wh batteries that provide up to 60 miles of power-assist with normal use. It also boasts a SRAM EX1 groupset right out of the box and Rockshox front and rear suspension with nearly six inches of travel.

Those features alone make the bike compelling, but we’ve buried the lead, as it’s on the tech side where this thing really stands out. The G6 comes complete with loads of cutting-edge gadgetry, most notably a built-in T-Mobile-powered 4G eSIM card for continuous internet connectivity, a GPS chip and front- and rear-facing 1080p cameras. There’s also a mobile mount with a USB charging port, enabling you to pair your phone with the Greyp app to monitor and control all the on-board tech right from the handlebars.

The upshot is that you always know where you are, you’re always documenting your epic feats, your phone always has juice and you can post that sick jump to Instagram before the mud is even dry on your Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Line tires.

As you might imagine, bikes this loaded don’t come cheap. The base G6.1 Bold F6 goes for 6,499 euros ($7,381 US) and the top-of-the-line G6.X Limited hits $13,999 euros ($15,886 US). But if all that tech delivers on its promise, these bikes might completely change the game. We’ll be getting a test ride soon, so stay tuned.

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