KA-Bar Becker TacTool

For the Rambo In All Of Us

The new Becker TacTool, from knife maker KA-Bar, is a pretty straightforward device. Made of 1/4″ 1095 Cro-Van steel, it’s a pry bar that “smashes, bashes, prys, hammers and cuts,” multitasking with the sort of aplomb usually reserved for skilled soccer moms. One heft of the TacTool and you won’t doubt its ability to fulfill that description, or to cave in a Zombie skull or two during their inevitable uprising.

The TacTool combines a chisel-tipped end (good for prying windows/doors), a chopping edge, a serrated knife section, and a notch section on the back for cutting cordage or striping wires. Inspired by KA-Bar’s description, I promptly went outside to test it’s abilities by chopping down a 5″ and a 2″ tree (check the pics below). The TacTool was diesel; it never flexed or bent, and 1/4″ steel gave it enough weight to effectively chop, though I did use a baton for assistance on the 5″ tree (Thanks for the idea Bear Grylls). If you’re in a tactical job, this is a great tool to have. Alternatively, it makes a solid addition to your Bug Out Bag (link).

Author’s Note: One thing to keep in mind is that the TacTool is not intended as a knife replacement; its cutting area is small and definitely not suited to more delicate tasks. Also, I’d recommend getting some Loctite for the grip screws or just replacing the grip with a paracord wrap (GP orange & black recommended), as I had the screws rattle off while chopping. That’s right, I managed to out-Tac the TacTool. I’m just a beast like that.

Cost: $137

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