This Is the Only Backpack You Need This Summer

Hyperlite Mountain Gear has the essentials to let you tackle any hike you have on your summer bucket list.

hyperlite 3400 junction
Hyperlite Mountain Gear
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Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Junction Backpack

The benefits of ultralight outdoor gear are many, but in no activity are they more apparent than in hiking and backpacking. When you're carrying every ounce on your back, making sure you have the lightest gear possible is only going to add to your enjoyment. One of the biggest decisions to make is what pack to carry everything in, but with the 3400 Junction Backpack from Hyperlite Mountain Gear, that decision is easy. The brand takes an intentional approach to creating products and focuses on having less and doing more. The result is a two-pound, 55L pack constructed from high-quality, lightweight material that is efficient at keeping you comfortable and your gear dry and safe. The 3400 Junction is the perfect pack for any trail, anywhere. To learn more about how it can help you better enjoy the outdoors this summer, read on below.


The main body of the pack is built with 100 percent waterproof and ultra-lightweight DCH50 & DCH150, allowing you to trek on even during mother nature's worst. And after the sun comes out, stash your wet gear in the mesh outer pocket and let it dry easily so you can keep moving.

Stay Safe on the Trail

Safety is front of mind when exploring a new trail. Not only do the Hardline with Dyneema© side pockets protect your gear in abrasive environments, but they also keep it hidden when you're dipping in and out of trail towns along your route. You will have peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and secure during your pit stops.


If you're looking for a backpack that will perform on a day trip, section or thru-hike, the 3400 Junction is the pick. With extra volume for storage, you'll have the freedom to tackle hikes with less frequent resupply points. On days when the extra volume isn't necessary, the 3400 conveniently rolls down to a smaller size (similar to that of Hyperlite Mountain Gear's 2400 pack) making it comfortable no matter how much, or how little, you're carrying.

Price: $355+


Build Your Kit

While finding a backpack that you can rely on for any hike is a great feat, organizing it is an entirely different beast. Being able to quickly retrieve the gear you need without emptying out your pack on the side of the trail is vital. With these three accessories from Hyperlite Mountain Gear, you'll have a backpacking organization system that will let you spend less time searching for gear and more time doing what you love. All three products are designed to add simplicity and organization to your life and pair perfectly with the Junction 3400.

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hyperlite junction pack and pods
Hyperlite Mountain Gear
Versa Ultralight Fanny Pack
versa ultralight fanny pack
Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Price: $70


hyperlite pods
Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Price: $50+


Shoulder Pocket
hyperlite shoulder pocket
Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Price: $40


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