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An Endorsement for the Perfect Fall Pant

Are we men with thick legs finally out of the woods when it comes to pants?


Do you remember when they came?

Do you remember 2004? I believe you do. Everybody does. They were suddenly everywhere. Cheap Monday, J Brand, Topman. Skinny jeans from Stockholm, Los Angeles, London. They came out of nowhere. Did you go and buy a pair? I did. 7 for All Mankind. I spent a week’s worth of work-study and restaurant pay on jeans that hugged my legs so tightly I could barely get them on, fashionable denim that didn’t much go with the rest of my American Eagle wardrobe. These are big legs, mind you: lean and strong, but thick, and on a 5’5” frame a little slimming couldn’t’ve hurt. I spent the next decade trying to find slim pants that actually fit. Wondering if yoga could slim the legs. Wearing more shorts. Destroying crotches.

When I put on the Club Monaco 5-Pocket Twill Pant ($120) this month I looked around for witnesses. I shook the hand of the store employees. I thanked everyone for their contributions. These pants were downy soft but structured, slim but with room around all the key muscle groups, elastic but not in a silly way, available in all manner of waist-inseam combinations, ideal three-season weight, perfect with a blazer or a tee. I thought: holy shit, are we men who are generously endowed, limb-wise, finally out of the woods? By god, we are.

Buy Now: $120

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