Vittorio J Exclusive Collection Ties

Heirloom Quality Tie. Brooks Brothers Price.


Gear Patrol has written about Vittorio J ties in the past, to great laud. Recently, we got the chance to try on a few pieces from Vittorio J’s new Exclusive Collection, a hand-numbered limited edition set of ties that hails from old world tailoring. These are the Mercedes of ties.

These ties are hand-sewn and folded in Naples by tie artisans and makes the typical department store “Italian ties” frankly look like knock-offs. These define quality neckwear.

With only five ties per style, the Exclusive Collection ties litterally overfloweth with detail. Handmade bar-tacks and Ossiticina Oil provide the tie with strength and long lasting luster, and the English sourced silk provides a 50% higher yarn count than the industry standard. More threads, more plys, more refinement. The lining is made of Napoli+Tela fabric, essentially a combination of cotton stripes and virgin wool. In terms of craftsmanship, the Vittorio J ties use a double slip-stitch to prevent wrinkles/creases that develop over time from the stress of knotting. This is done by including an elastic thread stitched through the interior of the tie and like your nice pair of gym shorts, can be straightened by simply tugging on the loop. Does the best tie in your closet do that now? Didn’t think so.

The only downside to the Vittorio J Exclusive Collection of ties is that they’re only available at one location, Imparali Custom Tailors. Give them a call, and ask nicely – these won’t last long.

Cost: $125-$300


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