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Timbuk2 Classic Messenger 2010

Much More Than a Man Purse


When the term messenger bag comes up, it’s sometimes associated with the particularly nasty term man purse. While series like 24 and movies like the Indiana Jones trilogy (because we don’t count the last one) have caused the term to be used less, there is still the association. Timbuk2, through outstanding design and over-engineered construction, succeeds altogether in removing this stigma with their products. Offering various messenger bags, backpacks, and other products to outfit every lifestyle, Timbuk2’s bags come along in a multitudes of colors, and designs; luckily, every one strays far from the term man purse. (They do make products for the female population, as well, mind you.)

The 2010 update of Timbuk2’s Classic Messenger Bag is virtually indestructible, as well as impervious to the elements. There have been many times where I have walked across campus in the pouring rain with my Timbuk2 slung across my back, only to arrive in class with my laptop and books perfectly dry, even when my bag is soaking wet. While it won’t suffice for underwater excursions, I do trust it when it comes to carrying my overpriced books and laptop.

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