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Duck Canvas, the Workwear Staple

This simple, durable fabric is just as at home on the factory floor as it does at the local watering hole.


Despite common misconceptions, the word duck, in reference to “duck canvas,” comes from the Dutch doek, which refers to a type of linen canvas rather than little feathered birds that quack. When the fabric began being used for workwear, it was adapted to cotton to make it more durable. Duck canvas is made by weaving two yarns together in the warp and a single yarn in the weft (where warp is the vertical yarns in your denim while weft is comprised of the horizontal yarns that weave back and forth).

This type of pattern, which tends to be very tightly woven, makes for sturdy and durable fabric that has been used to make everything from bags to shoes and even clothing. Many modern versions of the fabric are also waxed in certain applications to provide water repellency — which in tandem with its inherent wind resistance, makes it extremely well suited to jackets. These are some of our favorite expressions of duck canvas that will elevate your style this winter.

Tanner Goods Workday Wallet ($55)

Red Clouds Collective The Great Northern No. 4 Pant ($250)

Taylor Stitch The Project Jacket ($168)

SNPR Rolled OD Canvas Watch Strap ($205)

Weather Mtn Elko Hat ($32)

Frost River Heritage Brief ($260)

Vans Ludlow ($80)

Hold Fast Gear Ruck Strap ($145)

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