Ties, Cufflinks, Socks and More, All for Under $30

At just under $30 a month, Sprezzabox subscribers receive a delivery box of ties, socks, pocket squares and other accessories.



First thing you notice about a suit? It’s not the suit. Accessories, in the world of demure formal menswear, are the small pops of life that lead to good — and memorable — style. This is the realm of the pink tie, the floral pattern peeking out from the ankle, the cufflinks that claim, “Yes, I will take my moment to be an individual in a world of conformity.” Accessories also bring one’s ensemble together, and there’s an art to pairing the shirt with the socks, the belt to the shoe, the tie to the pocket square.

Sprezzabox is solidly on Team Accessory. The service delivers these imperative wardrobe elements directly to your doorstep, monthly. Their boxes arrive with five to six style items — ties, socks, pocket squares, grooming products, key rings, cufflinks and the occasional surprise item — all hand picked by professional stylists. Each box features hard-to-find items from designer brands; the box sent out last month, for example, contained a tie from NYC-based designer accessory brand Jack Sartori, a pair of combed-cotton dress socks, a SPREZZA pocket square, designer cufflinks from Australian brand AUS and a tube of Supersmile toothpaste. Together those items are worth more than a hundred dollars at individual retail value (the tie alone is $78).

Members receive a box for $28 a month, which is a sartorial bargain. For those not shy on commitment, a full year of boxes is only $300 ($25/month). The company works hard to meet its namesake, “Sprezza,” which is taken from the Italian slang word sprezzatura — translating roughly to “effortless style.” A box of choice accessories delivered to your doorstep every month? We’d call that effortless — and totally complementary to excellent style.

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