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Stop Making Your Groomsmen Wear Rental Suits, They’re Horrible

Better, well-tailored suit options for your groomsmen, all for under $500.


Everyone’s done it, or knows someone who has — received the heartfelt invitation to be in a friend’s wedding, followed by the corresponding, unspoken invitation to drop some serious cash on ill-fitting groomsmen garb. If the groom has good taste, perhaps the clan is going the bespoke route. But more often than not, your groomsmen suit will be rented.

Whether a black-tie tux or a casual linen getup, renting is an overall unpleasant endeavor: rental suits are generic, expensive, and — most importantly — poorly fitting. There’s only so much a tailor will do when they know the customer will be one of many to wear that particular suit — why taper the leg when it will only need to be widened later? Or why hem the seam when it may need to be let out?

So, to stave the drab experience of the rental market, we’ve compiled solid alternatives for every type of wedding, no matter the season or level of formality. They’re blank canvases, leaving room — physically and monetarily — for your choice of shirts, belts, shoes and ties (or, for a more personalized event, try letting them bring their own). Instead of making your wedding party rent something they’ll regret and return, give them something they’ll be excited to wear again. And best of all, every suit here is under $500.

The Summer Wedding


At the beach, golf course or far-flung destination, summer suiting means brighter colors and lighter fabrics.

Ludlow Suit in Irish Linen (Navy) by J.Crew $456
Havana Green Plain Suit by Suitsupply $499
Light Blue Slub Twill Suit by Indochino $419
Premium Suit by Jack & Jones $260

The Fall Wedding


When the weather warms up, so do the colors. Embrace brown and gray knits and slightly heavier fabrics.

Slim Double-Breasted Suit by ASOS $341
Two-Button Side Vent Suit in New Blue by Tommy Hilfiger $300
Havana Brown Plain Suit by Suitsupply $419
Lazio Grey Herringbone Suit by Suitsupply $499

The Winter Wedding


Cool down the colors, bulk up the fabrics. Mix dark gray and black knits, play with midnight-hued textures, and don’t forget the vest.

Charcoal Two-Button Suit by Ike Behar $166
Madison Grey Plain Suit by Suitsupply $499
Deep Midnight Herringbone Suit by Indochino $419
Noak 3-Piece Suit in Fleck by ASOS $292

The Spring Wedding


It’s almost summer, but the weather can still be brisk. Brighten up the colors, but make sure the fabric is substantial for windy days and cool evenings.

Ludlow Suit in Anchor Grey by J.Crew $456
3-Piece Suit in Herringbone by ASOS $255
Madison Blue Double-Breasted Suit by Suitsupply $499
Foundation Chambray Suit by Bonobos $450

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