The LA Clothing Designers You Need to Know

John Moore, Greg Lauren and Greg Chait.

Chase Pellerin

The sun-baked neighborhoods of Los Angeles are home to some of the most creative people across a wide range of fields. As the neighborhoods coalesce, the city itself proves an enormous haven for innovators, entrepreneurs and iconoclasts. Though not typically thought of as a fashion stronghold, LA’s reputation in the world of style is quickly changing. The work of three designers — John Moore, Greg Lauren and Greg Chait — show that Southern California is not only an incubator for fashion, but an area that champions pioneering ideas.

John Moore

John Moore, the co-founder of Outerknown, discusses his creative life and the importance of sustainability.

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Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren, of the iconic American fashion brand family, discusses how clothing and art have helped shape his personal identity.

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Greg Chait

Greg Chait’s luxury cashmere brand, The Elder Statesman, makes some of the finest sweaters and shirts money can buy.

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