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"Should I Match With My Significant Other?" and 14 Other Style Questions You Asked Us

Answers to all your burning style questions.

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Last week, we hopped on our Instagram stories to see what style questions you had for us. And you slid in with your clothing queries. Your questions ranged from the practical to the existential to the rhetorical. Here's what you asked.

What's the most common thing you see people get wrong?

I wouldn't necessarily say this is an issue of right or wrong, because this is all about taste at the end of the day. But, the most common thing I see is also the easiest thing to get fixed: sleeves and pant lengths that are too long. Get a hem.

What do you think about matching with your significant other? How would you go about it?

I don't mind if I match with my significant other. In fact, it happens frequently. But we never intentionally plan on matching outfits (unless it's for Halloween). Wear what you like and let them wear what they like.

White Sneakers?

Not exactly a question, but I did get a handful of questions about my collection of white sneakers. Currently, my favorite pair is the Nike Blazer Mid '77. Common Projects have been the de facto minimalist white sneaker for years, but there are a handful of other great alternatives. Here are a few high-priced options and low-priced options we like.

Blazer Mid '77 Vintage
Nike nike.com
Authentic Core Classics
Vans zappos.com
Courtesy Mr Porter
V-10 Rubber-Trimmed Leather Sneakers
Veja mrporter.com
Courtesy Studio Nicholson
Studio Nicholson x Moonstar Merino Vulcanised Sole Canvas Shoe
Courtesy Koio
Capri Triple White
Koio koio.co

What do you recommend for someone who is between 'off the rack' chest sizes for suits?

I'm in-between chest sizes myself and I know this can be tough. The most complicated and expensive parts of a suit to alter are the chest and the shoulders, which is why you want to get those as close to perfect as you can off-the-rack. That said, it's generally better to get a size larger because it's easier to alter if you absolutely need to.

Once you find a style/look you like, how do you evolve it so you don't look like a time capsule?

The key here is to keep classic pieces in your wardrobe. Feel free to experiment with your personal style. As your style evolves and explores trends through time, mix it with staple garments like a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

What are your best WFH warm-weather outfit combos?

If I'm WFH and I have A/C, anything goes. But here are a few of my favorites at the moment.

How old is too old for 'streetwear'?

That's a question for you to decide on your own. For situations like an office job or a wedding that require a dress code, then stick to the dress code. But if it's what you like to wear, then it's what you like. Ultimately, the more important question comes down to whether or not you're going to wear streetwear down the road. The fashion industry already has a massive issue with pollution and waste, so the longer you hang on to your clothes, the better, no matter what style they are.

Is premium underwear really worth the money over a $15 5-pack from Hanes or Fruit of the Loom?

If you're gonna upgrade your wardrobe, a great way to upgrade is with underwear. They're made with better materials that'll last longer. While most underwear has some synthetic material in the form of stretch or super soft modal, lower-grade underwear tends to use more synthetics than others. And if they are all-cotton, it's usually not made of good quality cotton like Supima.

That said, if you like the underwear that you have, stick with it. If you're curious to try out some upgraded undies, here are some suggestions:

Courtesy East Dane
3 Pack Body Modal Boxer Briefs
Calvin Klein Underwear eastdane.com
Courtesy Mr Porter
Amalfi Cotton Boxer Shorts
Derek Rose mrporter.com

Blown crotch in my jeans, S.O.S!!!

Bro, I gotchu. Check out this article. Or, if you're too lazy to do that, you can check out mail-in denim repair services like these:

    Tips for recent grad to upgrade his wardrobe for his new office job?

    Do you actually have to go into an office? If so, you'll get the most mileage out of an upgraded bag/briefcase. Good ones will age well and will look great beyond your new gig. In the meantime, nobody will bat an eye if your dress shirt is from Uniqlo. Just make sure it fits. Oh, and get your slacks hemmed.

    Would you rather fight one elephant-sized Danny Devito or ten Danny Devito-sized elephants?

    Elephants are among the most intelligent animals on the planet and are endlessly fascinating. They form strong emotional bonds, never forget and even mourn the dead. Sadly, elephants are slowly evolving to become more aggressive because of animal cruelty and safari tourism. I'm not fighting anyone.

    Shorts and loafers seem to be in right now. Tips on how to rock that?

    I like to wear shorts with loafers in two main ways. The first is a pair of plain swim trunks like Patagonia Baggies and a relaxed button-up. The other is with a pair of khaki shorts and a camp collar shirt and a bucket hat. Look up Take Ivy for inspiration, too.

    Courtesy Powerhouse Books
    Take Ivy
    powerHouse Books amazon.com

    How do you find your "uniform"?

    I'll let you know once I find my uniform. Just kidding. Experiment with your style by taking cues from stylish people you admire. That could be a celebrity, an artist, your friends, your family. Eventually, you'll settle on a pair of pants, shoes, or an outfit that you really like. Then, just wear it a lot. The uniform will likely be a pretty simple concept, whether that's a white tee and blue jeans, all black clothes.

    The other option is to realize that maybe you don't have a uniform and that's okay. You can like a variety of styles and still wear them in your own way. I find myself floating between several different vibes in a given week.

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