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11 Style Releases We Fully Obsessed Over This Week

From fall-ready chore coats to hard seltzer merch (yeah) and more.

best style releases of the week

Every week, we scrape the internet and collect all the new stylish releases that fall onto our desktops. Then, once gathered, we distill it not once, not twice, but a full eight times before it ever gets to your phone. This week, our smooth collection of best style releases has yielded everything from vintage-inspired sun-faded sweatshirts, a 'forever' sneaker, and some probably-already-sold-out collabs.

Hermés L'Ombre de Marveilles Eau de Parfum

bottle of cologne
Courtesy Nordstrom

If you were to have a lovely cup of tea in the woods, this is what it would smell like.

Buy Now: $113

Cody Hudson x 3sixteen Leisure Shirt

Courtesy 3sixteen

Not your generic palm-tree summer shirt.

Buy Now: $175

Akila x 10.DEEP

Courtesy Akila
Courtesy Akila

Akila and 10.DEEP got back together for some new-new set to release this Saturday, August 22. So we know what we're doing this weekend.

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Fear of God Seventh Collection

Jerry Lorenzo makes us want to wear a suit again.

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Alex Mill Fine Wale Corduroy Work Jacket

Courtesy Alex Mill

The GOAT jacket gets a particularly tasty makeup in luscious corduroy. Fall is close enough, right?

Buy Now: $165

Everlane Forever Sneaker

Courtesy Everlane

Everlane's latest sneaker is evergreen in more ways than one.

Buy Now: $58

Crocs x Journal Standard

Courtesy Journal Standard

On the total opposite spectrum of shoes, Crocs gets a yee-haw rendition thanks to Japanese brand Journal Standard.

Buy Now: ~$82

J.Crew Lightweight Sunwashed Crewneck Sweatshirt

Courtesy J.Crew

Just like that vintage sun-faded sweatshirt you'd been eyeing on eBay, except, ya know, not super expensive.

Buy Now: $65

Our Legacy Workshop x Stussy

Our Legacy collabs with one of its major influences and delves into Stussy's archive of deadstock fabrics. If you're still reading this, it's probably already sold out.

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Tolago Hard Seltzer x Matt McCormick Merch

Courtesy Tolago

Like Matt McCormick but don't want to pay $80 for a t-shirt? You can get his artwork on a t-shirt for just $30 if you're willing to have a hard seltzer logo on it.

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Bob Weir Memes Himself

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Is this a style release? I mean... it was released this week and it is stylish. So, yeah?

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