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7 Great Short-Sleeve Shirts for Summer

Threads from Corridor, Industry of All Nations, Gitman Vintage and more.

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Alexander Stein

A short sleeve-shirt is summer versatility in fabric form. Pair with shorts and sandals and you’re fit for a beach day or casual get-together. Pair with chinos and shoes and you’re ready for a night on the town. If you’re a denizen of the interior, miles from the coast, they’ll keep you cool in the dry heat (or Midwest humidity). And if you find yourself on an island — like we did in Bermuda — they’re practically required attire. Made from breathable linens and cottons, this season’s short-sleeve shirts are available in a range of colors and prints that’ll look sharp everywhere the sun shines.

Natural-Dyed Madras


SeaSide Grill isn’t butted up against the cruise ship docks or the harbor in Hamilton. It doesn’t have tables for diners or large windows overlooking the ocean. But, it does have some of the best fish sandwiches on the island. When driving along North Shore Road, have your taxi driver stop at SeaSide and pick up the local-caught special. If you’re passing by in the evening, make sure to check out the Inferno Lounge, located above the restaurant, for a night of dancing and drinks. – John Zientek

Indigo Madras Short Sleeve Shirt by Industry of All Nations $130
Farmer Dave Pants by Mollusk $78
Open Road Straw Hat by Stetson $75
Boston by Birkenstock $130
Lopez Sunglasses by SALT. Learn More Here

Breathable Linen


“Your Rubiks cube is quite complicated,” a friend told Tom Wadson, referencing his four-decades-old farming operation that includes laying and broiler chickens, Ossabaw pigs, ducks, goats and 40 acres of produce (a massive chunk of land on a 21 mile-long island). Logistics and operations are a brainbuster, but Wadson is tack-sharp and blessed with a sharp tongue, and he can handle it. He believes deeply in nurturing his spit of volcanic land and its people, and his small farmstand is a frequent scooter stop for locals and tourists alike. We stopped by to talk farming, pigs, politics, island life — and crack a few jokes with good ol’ farmer Wadson. – Matthew Ankeny

Button Down Collar Linen Shirt by Todd Snyder $128
Vista Point Shorts by Woolrich $55
Original Universal Suede by Teva $80
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Throwback Stripes


If you find yourself in need of sustenance while in Somerset, stop by Woody’s to indulge in fresh seafood (or another fried-fish sandwich). It’s popular with the locals. It’s popular with the tourists. Shaded outdoor tables have stunning views of the water. If waves and sand aren’t your thing, belly up to the open-air bar and watch some cricket with the regulars. – JZ

Beach Stripe Linen Shirt by Corridor $165
Dune Shorts by Mollusk $78
Authentic by Vans $50
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American Heritage


The fish sandwich is religion in Bermuda, and Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy is the cathedral where the faithful worship. They bake their own bread. They get fresh fish delivered daily. Their coleslaw is the tastiest coleslaw. Their hot sauce is the spicy dicey. Situated at the top of a hill with views over Hamilton and the Atlantic beyond, Art Mel’s is surrounded by the pastels of houses around the island. It’s just that here, at fish sando mecca, they radiate a bit brighter. – MA

PM Palm Shirt by Gitman Vintage $180
Cotton Linen Trail Shorts by Bestmade $118
Slipper by Viberg $470
Lopez Sunglasses by SALT. Learn More Here

The Right Prints


Off a back alley in an industrial valley in the middle of this island paradise is a multi-story grow room, ultraviolet lights all aglow. Martin Hatfield of BermyFresh walked us through rows of micro greens, pulling stems at will, taunting us to identify mystery flavors. Mr. Mean Mustard. Sunflower Shoots. Sweet Pea Shoots. Down the hatch, up a floor, into a sea of dark purple basil. It’s trippy. And it’s a great spot to showcase some groovy short-sleeves. – MA

Xanadu Shirt by Gitman Vintage $180
Fatigue Shorts by Woolrich John Rich & Bros. $125
Boston by Birkenstock $130
LF01 Sunglasses by Lewis Fredericks $560

Boat-Ready Threads

When getting out on the water in Bermuda, rest assured you’ve got options. From in-your-face activities like paddleboarding and jet skiing to far less involved pursuits like sailing and boating, there’s something for everyone. We took the Lady Whit, captained by Vincent Trott, to Paradise Lake for an afternoon of swimming in the area’s calm waters. In the summertime, Paradise Lake resembles a pool party of epic proportions, but while we were there, it was a near-private cove. – JZ

Maple Floral Shirt by Haspel $135
Vista Point Shorts by Woolrich $55
Centerdent Hat by Stetson $130
Lopez Sunglasses by SALT. Learn More Here

Handblock Thick Stripe Shirt by Corridor $155
Walk Shorts by Haspel $125
L.A. Coen Sun by Oliver Peoples $325
The Runwell Chrono by Shinola $750

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